Style of kitchen seasoning bottle

The choice of style of kitchen seasoning bottle can be divided into two categories: one is liquid seasoning tank, which is used to hold oil, vinegar, soy sauce, etc; One is the granular seasoning tank, which is used to hold salt, sugar, starch, etc. different seasoning bottles should be selected for different types of seasoning.

Liquid seasoning tank, which is mainly convenient for switching dumping and easy to handle. For this type of seasoning bottle, it is recommended to choose a glass bottle. Because the glass bottle is relatively heavy, it is recommended not to choose a glass bottle with a handle and a straight cylinder.

Seabuckthorn juice does not add preservatives. With the change of external ambient temperature, there are some chemical reactions between the plastic bottle and the beverage in the bottle, and the glass bottle can retain the original juice and flavor.

If the granular seasoning bottle is directly placed on the kitchen table, the moisture-proof is the core, especially in the south where the air is humid. It is not recommended to use the seasoning tank with holes. There is oil smoke in cooking. When pouring out the seasoning, water vapor may enter the seasoning tank. Salt is the most prone to caking.

The capacity of seasoning tank can not be ignored, so the volume of seasoning tank can be small, but the capacity can not be too small.

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