The dividend brought by the small glass bottle will pry the whole Chinese glass industry?

[market analysis]
In terms of news, the decline in the periphery has a certain negative impact on a shares, so the market opened low as scheduled and consolidated weakly;
In terms of trading volume, we continue to maintain the light level before the festival, and the willingness of capital trading is not strong. We are about to enter July. We say several things worthy of attention:
 1. This week, 15 new shares were subscribed, including 4 new shares on the science and innovation board, 1 main board, 3 gem and 7 selected new shares on the new third board;
 The new third board is known as “100% winning”, and there must be funds waiting. In addition, there is no need to allocate the market value for the new third board, but the subscription funds need to be paid in full when it is new, and the freezing time is 2 days;
 Considering the threshold of 1 million, the new funds should be large-scale funds. In the short term, it will have a little bleeding impact on the A-share capital;
2. In July, 16.659 billion restricted shares were lifted from circulation, with a total circulation market value of 478.752 billion yuan, of which 40% was the science and innovation board;

 By industry, the industry with the largest market value of lifting the ban is medicine, reaching 91.2 billion. The scale of lifting the ban this time is the second highest in the year. If the ban is lifted, there will certainly be funds to sell. Pay attention to some stocks;

 3. July is the intensive disclosure period of the interim report. Before July 15, all the interim report performance forecasts on the gem should be disclosed;

 In the short term, Baotuan varieties still have advantages. After all, they are the common choice of most funds, and the probability of stepping on thunder is relatively small;

 Based on the above factors, there is room for downward adjustment in the market, and the semi annual report will also be released. Attention should be paid to individual stocks with large increase in the early stage and less than expected semi annual report performance;

Strategically, the market is relatively anxious. Neither long nor short sides have made a bargain. As long as they do not participate in the high-level board relay and the stocks with a sharp upward trend recently, they can avoid risks to the greatest extent. Before the emergence of the main line of the market, short-term opportunities mainly revolved in themes. With the continuous disclosure of the forecast of the China Daily report, the group of performance lines can also choose to participate, and the position is controlled at about 30%.


[hot sectors and stocks]
1. Big finance
In the morning, bank stocks opened higher directly stimulated by the news of the brokerage license. Unfortunately, they took too big steps and did not support their capacity. Then they began to hit down, which also implicated the brokerage companies on the way;
 On the whole, this news should be icing on the cake for banks. After all, banks also have a lot of financial products;
 In addition, the impact of this news on large securities companies is actually limited, which is even worse for small securities companies. However, if bank stocks can be reorganized and small securities companies can obtain licenses in the later stage, it will be very good for securities companies;
 Today, there are more opportunities to see the securities smash. At present, the Shanghai index faces near the 3000 point mark, and there is a last dance in the big finance before the index reaches the top;
 Therefore, securities companies can consider the opportunity of building positions in the middle line;
 Societe Generale Securities, in the context of the sharp decline of securities companies today, this stock is rising. The lead China has faded and left its true color. Gold can only be seen after the waves wash sand. Take a look first;
 Everbright Securities, China’s leading securities finance group with strong comprehensive competitiveness, made a correction after the third board. As the saying goes, “how long is the horizontal and how high is the vertical”, I feel that the opportunity of this stock is not over yet;
2. Medicine
Stimulated by the rebound of the peripheral epidemic, it has become the strongest plate in the two cities;
 Today, two companies making medical bottles, Zhengchuan Co., Ltd. and Shandong Pharmaceutical glass, are trading limits. Is it very interesting?
 The hype logic is very simple. The vaccine may be false, but the bottle must be true. How much does the vaccine bottle rise? Let’s see how many people there are in the world!
 The small glass bottle has brought the whole Chinese glass industry. This vaccine bottle is made of medium borosilicate. At present, Kaisheng technology can make medium borosilicate glass in a share. Pay due attention to it;
 At noon, Zhende medical trading, Wantai biology also impacted the trading limit. The short-term trend is good. You can have a look;
 Pay attention to the good rhythm and rotation on the plate. Most stocks are mainly trend oriented. It is expected that the pharmaceutical plate will maintain the group structure before the disclosure of the China Daily;
3. Big technology
It is still a locally active structural opportunity. On the news, the results of photovoltaic bidding projects in 2020 are released, and the total scale is much larger than expected, leading to the strengthening of photovoltaic sector;
 This is also the plate with beautiful market trend today. The chips in early trading can be comparable with it, but in the end, the chips are rising and falling;
 The main reason is that the market capital is limited, and pulling up one plate will withdraw from other plates. Therefore, we are not recommended to chase up as a whole;
 In the short term, there are still opportunities for panels and semiconductors to continue to pay attention;
 For example, Longji shares, star semi director, etc;
 Finally, in terms of games, Caesar culture, a popular variety, adjusted in early trading, indicating the weakness of the plate today;
 In the short term, there is a large-scale differentiation today, which needs to be treated with caution in the short term. Wait for the return of funds after stopping the decline, and then consider the opportunity.

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