Behind the glass bottle of vaccine that cannot be made: how does the inner roll of China’s pharmaceutical glass industry roll up?

This is an epitome of many industries in China. It starts from a low starting point and develops at a high speed. Then it plunges into the sweatshop built by low-end manufacturing and falls into a painful inner roll. From then on, there is no profit.
If I say that the vaccine is useless, it may be because this “bottle” is not good. What’s your first reaction?
This is not necessarily a false proposition. In fact, packaging materials directly contact drugs and store drugs for a long time, which will directly affect drug quality and drug safety. Some components in the glass are precipitated by the contacted drugs, or the glass and drug components migrate with each other, which is one of the important reasons for the attenuation of the efficacy of the injection and the non cure of the drugs.
In the research process of Xinguan vaccine, we have proved that our pharmaceutical R & D strength is very strong. At present, China has won vaccine orders from 16 countries and regions, with a total amount of about 500 million doses. On the contrary, due to the low starting point of the industry, the development process of China’s pharmaceutical packaging material industry has significantly lagged behind the overall development level of China’s pharmaceutical industry.
For example, international standards require that the glass containers containing vaccines must be “class I borosilicate glass bottles”, and the domestic rate of such glass bottles is less than 10%. The seven new coronavirus vaccine projects approved to enter the clinical stage in China in the early stage all used the borosilicate medicinal glass of Schott, Germany, and none of them used domestic medicinal glass. In other words, we can’t make this kind of glass bottle ourselves. At least, it is impossible to stably produce high-quality class I medium borosilicate glass bottles that meet international standards.

Post time:Feb-07-2022
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