Whether the packaging of liquor is appropriate or not will directly affect its recognition rate, distribution rate and market share

What kind of packaging does liquor need? This is indeed a question worth thinking about. why? Because the packaging of liquor will directly affect its recognition rate, distribution rate and market share, this is not an exaggeration. If a manufacturer’s new price is around 50 yuan, if the product is packaged in a very porcelain bottle with a brocade box on the outside, to put it conscientiously, no one as a consumer would buy such a wine, because the consumer’s heart There is a steelyard, a bottle of liquor is only 50 yuan, and the packaging cost is almost half, so the quality of liquor must be greatly reduced. Should you buy wine or buy packaging? Will give up choosing this “moisture”.


Nowadays, a kind of packaging is very popular. The entire transparent glass bottle is wrapped in kraft paper, and a hemp rope is tied to the mouth of the bottle. When it first appeared on the market, consumers felt that this type of wine was unusual and eager to try it. However, after a while, coupled with some inadequate imitations, some of the use of this kind of packaging even gave people a bad image of crude and shoddy.

The method of tying hemp rope “drinking spirit wine” was used early. The packaging of “drinking spirit wine” at that time gave people a rough and eclectic feeling. With the quality of “drinking spirit wine”, it quickly won consumers’ favor. Recognized. It can be seen that the packaging of liquor must be combined with its taste and marketing culture, because liquor can be marketed only if it has a theme. The formerly popular “Hundred Years of Solitude”, its theme is a kind of otherworldly, or stand out from the crowd. If its packaging is equipped with a lot of popular graphics, the taste and culture of this wine will be stifled, and even consumers will be strangled. Think it is nondescript, and thus give up choosing it.


Let’s take a look at the packaging practices of “Little Confused Immortals”. The bottle of “Little Stupid Immortal” uses a cylindrical porcelain bottle similar to Moutai. The reason for adopting this packaging strategy to follow suit is that the purpose of “Little Stupid Immortal” is obvious, because the “Little Stupid Immortal” will make it through this measure. Consumers have a sense of deja vu, and they have reached the cognitive effect of “Moutai Town’s best brews” after ***, so that it will become popular, or “famous”. Therefore, packaging planning has to be related to the commercial purpose it wants to achieve. Sometimes through imitation, it can be quickly recognized by consumers, and it can be easily distinguished from competitors by ingenuity.

Post time:Jun-03-2021
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